Expansion Project FAQs

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+ Q. What is being expanded?

The Clubhouse is being expanded to the rear for much needed storage and towards the tennis court for expanded Concert Hall space that can be partitioned for multiple events.

+ Q. When will the expansion be completed?

The project remains within the planned schedule for end of May completion.

+ Q. Is the project within budget?

The total project remains within the community approved cost and that includes construction costs, material costs, architectural and engineering costs, permit costs, and fixtures/furnishings/equipment costs.

+ Q. Have the plans changed since the community vote?

No, the โ€œas builtโ€ design is as was approved by the community. The only change was that an additional egress door was added to the expanded Concert Hall. This was necessary to get the permit approved by the new fire marshal.

+ Q. Will the expansion be furnished?

Yes, tables, chairs, mobile storage shelves, an upgraded A/V system, blinds/drapes, and new energy efficient chandeliers are all included in the total cost. In addition there are cabinets, shelves, and a work bench for the committee and management storage areas.

+ Q. How were colors chosen?

There was really not much color selection as the design was mostly โ€œto match existingโ€. The expanded Concert Hall will be painted to match the rest of the Clubhouse but will have a resilient vinyl flooring with a wood plank look. Tables and chairs were selected to match those that we currently have, however, we purchased 5โ€™ round tables instead of the existing 6โ€™ ones which many residents complained were too big in a banquet setting.

+ Q. Where is the project status reported?

Project status is updated weekly on the Expansion Project web page. This includes progress photos and bi-weekly construction meeting minutes.