Clubhouse, Facilities Management, and Operations FAQs

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+ Q. Who is on the management staff?

Rebecca Cook is our General Manager and Nick Oliver is our Maintenance Technician. They can be reached at 410-758-8500.

+ Q. Who is our management company?

Our management company is Professional Management Company (Procom) of Millersville, MD. They provide our financial account management, issue our checks, and publish financial reports.

+ Q. Who does the staff work for?

The staff works directly for the HOA which pays their salaries and benefits. The board evaluates their performance.

+ Q. When is the Clubhouse open?

The Clubhouse is open for resident use between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. seven days a week. At other times the Clubhouse has security alarms set so residents must exit before 11 p.m.

+ Q. Where can I find important contact information?

Important phone numbers, contacts, and WiFi information can be found in the Resource Numbers document on the Village Management web page under Clubhouse Documents.

+ Q. When is the management staff available?

The management staff are available between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. During holidays or unscheduled inclement weather days the office is closed. An eBlast will be sent to residents about office closures during holidays or unusual circumstances.

+ Q. Do we have Clubhouse rules?

Yes, Clubhouse Rules and Regulations are posted on the Governance web page. This document lists hours of operation and policies for all Clubhouse areas.

+ Q. Why do we have to sign in to enter the Clubhouse without a card key?

This is primarily for security; unauthorized persons can tailgate. The staff doesn’t recognize every resident. In addition, opening the door distracts from staff duties. The desire is that residents will make an effort to use their card keys for entry. Resident guests must always be accompanied by a resident.

+ Q. Does the Clubhouse have WiFi?

The Clubhouse does have WiFi with several distributed access points. The password is villageguest. The WiFi was recently upgraded in speed and coverage.

+ Q. Where can I post Notices about cultural activities in the clubhouse?

Events planned by the Lifestyle Committee and other Symphony Village organizations may be posted in the Wall Street room. Outside cultural events must be posted on the cork board by the front desk and/or the craft room.

+ Q. Who recommends repairs, new projects, and rules?

The Operations Committee makes recommendations to management and the board as defined in the Terms of Reference. The Operations Committee does quarterly inspections of HOA property and recommends needed repairs. Larger projects require a formal competitive bid process with RFP’s and proposal evaluations done by the Operations Committee, except for Landscaping, Irrigation, and Trees which is the domain of that committee.

+ Q. How often is the Clubhouse cleaned?

Tim does daily cleaning and maintenance. A cleaning service does more thorough cleaning every 2 weeks and deep cleaning as needed.

+ Q. How do I reserve a room or facility for an event?

Regularly scheduled events like committee meetings are already on the Master calendar and do not need any specific action. Other regular activities such as card games etc must be scheduled for three months at a time. If you need the Concert Hall, card room, craft room, or Conference Room for an unscheduled event, contact Rebecca. She may just add this to the calendar or she may request you to fill out an Activities Request Form. Only resident sponsored events may be scheduled. No outside organization can hold Clubhouse events. Periodic Centreville Town Council events are requested and coordinated by management.

+ Q. How do I get a table/chair setup for a particular event?

Tim will generally setup for events. Work with Rebecca, the Assistant General Manager, to schedule events and then with Tim, the Maintenance Technician, for specific room setups. Specific room setups can be specified on the Activities Request Form. A sketch of the requested setup is very helpful.

+ Q. Do we have pool rules?

Yes, we have specific Pool and Patio rules for your safety, safe pool operation, and to prevent inconvenience to your neighbors. In general, you are responsible for any of your guests and you must escort them and directly supervise them when using the pool facilities. Pool rules are posted at both the indoor and outdoor pool.

+ Q. Why don’t we have a pool lifeguard?

A pool lifeguard is not a requirement for a closed facility like ours. The expense of lifeguards is not in our HOA budget. When lifeguard services were explored by the Operations Committee, we were told that a lifeguard would need an hourly break resulting in a 15 minute per hour pool closure or else we would need to hire two lifeguards. We would also likely require an indoor pool and outdoor pool lifeguard. The benefits of a full time lifeguard do not seem justified compared to the added HOA expense which would show up as part of our HOA fees.

+ Q. Do we rent out the Clubhouse facilities?

Yes, a resident can rent Clubhouse Concert Hall for private resident sponsored events. The new rental policy has been passed by the Board and will be posted soon. The Concert Hall is currently unavailable during the expansion effort. If a resident would like to use the Outdoor Pavillion you may register at the clubhouse. This is not a reservation per se but indicates to others that there will be others who signed up for the site first.

+ Q. Why do we have surveillance cameras?

Information obtained through video surveillance will be used solely for security and law enforcement purposes, as related to the security and safety of staff, residents, contractors and visitors and/or for the deterrence or detection of criminal activity, including theft, vandalism, or other property damage.

+ Q. Is there a privacy policy for the surveillance cameras?

Yes, the policy has obtained final board approval. The policy is specifically to protect the privacy of residents and restricts who can view and use the surveillance recordings.

+ Q. How does management communicate with residents?

Management eBlasts are the official resident communications means for notification of important information like unexpected pool closures, changes in mowing schedules, snow removal, etc.

+ Q. Why don’t I receive eBlasts?

Management eBlasts require a resident to specifically request them in a process called “opt in”. This is part of government anti-spamming laws. Residents normally sign up when they move in. If you have changed email addresses you need to opt-in again. If you don’t currently receive eBlasts and wish to, go to this signup page and enter the requested information. You will be sent an email to confirm that you want to receive eBlasts. You may also unsubscribe at any time.

+ Q. Can I send an eBlast?

Yes, a resident can compose an eBlast for management to send out if it meets certain guidelines. This does not include personal or focused groups – it must be relevant to the entire community.

+ Q. How does a resident report a problem and get action?

In order to get any action for repair services or to register a complaint, you must go through management and fill out a Work Order Request Form. This allows management to contact the appropriate contractor and schedule a repair service or address a complaint. This will also log in your request and insure that management follows up with a resolution. Work orders are necessary for landscaping, irrigation, tree, or sidewalk repair requests. Resident repairs or complaints about your home are not an HOA problem.

+ Q. Is there an emergency number to contact management during non-business hours?

The board has approved an answering service for reporting HOA emergencies during non-business hours. The phone number is 410-670-4466. Emergencies that qualify for contacting the After-Hours Emergency Number for Clubhouse issues include: No heat; No air conditioning; Gas leak; No electricity; Doors not able to be secured; Water leaks; Sewer back-up; Roof leaks; Swimming pool malfunction or contamination of blood or fecal matter (please note that the pool temperature is not considered an emergency); All other clubhouse emergencies; Alarm system issues; Fire – Dial 911 first.

+ Q. Who schedules Clubhouse facilities?

The General Manager, Rebecca, is scheduling all activities and entering them in the Master calendar and daily events calendar. Rebecca may ask you to fill out an Activities Request Form for some events.

+ Q. Can a visitor use the pool and fitness center?

Yes, but the visitor must be accompanied by a resident. Giving your card key, even to an adult visitor, is prohibited. The pools may be used by all ages with an accompanying resident. The fitness center can only be used by guests 19 years of age or older when accompanied by a resident.

+ Q. Are the Clubhouse facilities inspected for needed repair or replacement?

Yes, a sub-committee of Operations inspects the Clubhouse interior every quarter. Any items that need repair or replacement are reported to the Operations Committee and management for action. If the repair is minor, management often addresses it immediately. A more major repair may be passed to the board for action and/or replacement from the Reserve fund. The General Manager in consultation and approval with the HOA president has the authority to conduct an emergency repair up to $7500.

+ Q. Are the common areas inspected for needed repair or replacement?

There is a sub-committee of Operations that surveys the Clubhouse exterior including the pools, tennis courts, Bocce court, playground, walking path, and other common areas. This inspection is done every quarter with annual and semi-annual checklists being more extensive. As with the indoor inspections, inspection issues are reported to management and Operations for action.

+ Q.Is the bar open?

The bar is always open during Clubhouse hours and operates on an honor system for use by RESIDENTS ONLY. Underage guests are not allowed in the bar area. Surveillance camera videos may be used for possible legal action.

+ Q. Is the walking path to the shopping center part of our property and responsibility?

SV only owns the portion of the path within our limits – Symphony Blvd to the other side of the wooden foot bridge. From this point to Walgreens there are three different property owners. Several attempts have been made by the HOA for the Town of Centreville to assume at least partial responsibility without success. Our lawyer has advised us to post signage to minimize HOA legal responsibility. HOA exposure is increasing as new businesses open in the business park. The HOA continues to work this legal and financial matter.

+ Q. When do we call out snow removal services?

Our snow removal contract calls for removal after an accumulation of 3” of snowfall. The General Manager and the Operations Committee board liasion are responsible for monitoring local snow depth and mobilizing our contractor.

+ Q. What are the snow removal priorities?

The priority is for clearing the Clubhouse parking lots and associated sidewalks for safe access to the Clubhouse. Residents can also be put on a medical emergency list for priority snow removal. After that, the contract calls for rotating the snow removal start location so that your local priority will change from one storm to the next.

+ Q. Who plows the streets, driveways, and walkways?

Centreville is responsible for clearing the Symphony Village streets. Queen Anne’s County is responsible for Taylor Mill Road snow removal. Our snow removal contractor, Chester River, needs to work around the town and QAC to service your driveways and walkways to the front door. Sidewalks (other than Clubhouse sidewalks) are not cleared through our snow removal contract due to excessive expense.

+ Q. What are our major contracts?

Landscaping, Irrigation, Pool Service, and Snow Removal. Landscaping has priced enhanced services that must be board approved. Irrigation and Pool contracts are for routine operation. There is a separate repair budget for both. Snow Removal cost is a big variable depending on the frequency and amount of required service.

+ Q. Are our contracts competitive?

All major contracts have been competed with formal Request for Proposal followed by contractor bids and committee evaluation. Most of our contracts have option years so we don’t compete contracts annually. Contractor performance is rated annually and unsatisfactory performance would result in a competitive award process. There are 6 week meetings with our Landscape and Irrigation contractor where we can provide input for improvement. The general belief is that changing major contractors would create at least a year learning curve.

+ Q. Why is the patio closed at the end of summer?

The patio is closed at the end of the summer for several safety reasons including: pool furniture is being stored under cover on the patio during the winter; pegs securing the pool cover encroach onto the pool deck; and, the gates to the pool area are locked restricting resident access to the Clubhouse from the pool area.

+ Q. Can I talk to outside organizations or vendors on behalf of Symphony Village?

No, never talk to outside organizations as a representative of Symphony Village. This has resulted in unintended consequences to the HOA. Only represent Symphony Village under direction or approval from management. Management will consult with the board, if appropriate.