HOA Message Guidelines

Symphony Village Communications Guidelines

(1) The SV Website (which includes the Home Page, Libretto, and more) and (2) HOA Email Messages also known as eBlasts  are the two primary means of communicating information within Symphony Village. The following are guidelines for appropriate usage:

(1) SV Website notices/articles:

  • Social and charity events;
  • Last minute changes for meetings or community programs;
  • Lost or found items (not pets);
  • Entertainment events, especially those that feature SV residents; and
  • Newsy items of interest to Residents.

HOA Email Messages:

  • Items related to the governance of the HOA;
  • Items with a sense of urgency (lost pet);
  • Items about SV social/fundraising events;
  • Announcements of Libretto availablity;
  • Announcements of important SV Website changes;
  • Items of  importance to all residents (mowing/irrigation);
  • Items of imminent danger to the community (roaming bear); and
  • Items related to the death of a resident.

Examples of emails that are unacceptable as HOA Email Messages:

  • Announcements or information about personal events;
  • Announcements or information of a political nature, partisan or otherwise; and
  • Advertisements: residents or otherwise.

The following are the only ones authorized to send HOA Email Messages:

General Manager (working hours)
Rebecca Cook, Asst. GM (working hours)

Jim Arnts (events only), and announcements requested by management and the HOA), Asst. Webczar