Sneakers: Linda Farrar, 410-758-8744
Each year Sneakers holds a gala event including a silent auction and raffles in the Clubhouse as our annual fundraiser. Many SVers, Caruso Homes, and local generous sponsors help with this endeavor either donating items or working on the committee for the auction. In 2010, over $8500 net was raised for use in support of the children and families of children in the Centreville Schools and for scholarships. Sneakers volunteers go to Kennard Elementary School to help with their annual food drive distribution and generously donate Santa Tree wrapped gifts. Several times during the school year, Sneakers volunteers go to Kennard to give away pleasure reading books (purchased with Sneakers funds) to all of the children in the school. Sneakers also supports โ€œMoms and Muffinsโ€ as well as โ€œDads and Donuts.โ€ Contact Linda to help with this generous community outreach program.