Residences FAQs

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+ Q. How many homes are in Symphony Village?


+ Q. How many residents are in Symphony Village?

There are about 700 residents in Symphony Village or 1.8 persons per residence. This fluctuates a little as homes are sold.

+ Q. Who can rent in Symphony Village?

Renters have the same age restrictions as home owners, i.e. at least one resident must be 55 or older.

+ Q. Who can vote in elections?

Only home owners can vote in HOA elections. This thus excludes renters. There is only one vote per household no matter how many people live there. Where the ownership of a Lot is in two or more persons, said vote may be cast by any one of said Members. However, in the event of a dispute as to who can vote with respect to that Lot on any particular question, then such vote shall not be counted for purposes of deciding that question.

+ Q. How big is Symphony Village?

The total Symphony Village property is 139.8 acres, 62.8 acres are resident lots, 15.0 acres are right-of-way, and 61.9 acres are open space. The average lot size is 6,929 SF.

+ Q. Do we own the perimeter forested areas?

Yes, there are 27.8 acres of woodlands which also includes wetlands. There is 16.3 acres of non-tidal wetlands.

+ Q. Do we own the ponds?

Yes, we own the three ponds which are part of the Centreville storm water management system.

+ Q. Are we under Centreville ordinances?

Yes, we are considered part of Centreville and are under Centreville ordinances and traffic laws. We pay Centreville taxes and are eligible to vote in Centreville elections.

+ Q. Where can I get a map of the community?

A map of the community with lot numbers and a map of the community with postal addresses are on the Village Management web page under Clubhouse Documents.

+ Q. Where can I get a floor plan of the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse Floor Plan is on the Village Management web page under Clubhouse Documents. The Expansion Floor Plan is available there also.