Symphony Village Outreach

The Symphony Village Outreach Program, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created by the residents of Symphony Village, Centreville, Maryland, to provide volunteer services and financial support to charitable and civic organizations in Queen Anne’s County as well as to support fellow neighbors in the Village through the Neighbor to Neighbor program. Outreach celebrated its 12th anniversary in 2018.

Through its fundraising efforts, such as the Artisans’ Fair, Tea Party, annual Card and Game Party, Bingo, and other events, Outreach has been able to provide financial support to a number of organizations in Queen Anne’s County including:

  • Compass Regional Hospice's Camp New Dawn

  • UM Shore Emergency Center at Queenstown

  • Our Haven Shelter

  • QAC Arts Council

  • QAC Historical Society

  • QAC Department of Social Services Food Pantry

  • QAC Emergency Medical Services - EMS Training

  • Boy Scout Troop 464 Scholarship Fund

  • Crossroads Community, Inc. - QAC Dental Program

President - Sue Canfield (860-806-4899)
Vice-President - Pat Toole
Secretary - Eleanor Strietman
Treasurer - Jane Romany

Approved 2019 Budget



Ongoing Fundraisers:


Upcoming Outreach Events

  • BINGO on Friday, March 8, 7 p.m.

  • Tea and Fashion Show, September 22

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