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BB&T Lunch and Lecture

BB&T will hold a lunch and lecture helping us with questions about Social Security, Setting up Trusts, Investments for Retirees, and much more.  There will be a sign-up sheet, as space is limited.  Deadline for signing up is Monday, March 19th

Here are some topics they will cover:

Retirement Income Planning:

How long will retirement last:

 We’re living longer

  1. Average 65 year old American can expect to live another 19 years
  2. Average life expectancy is likely to continue to increase
  3. Retirement may last 25 years or more

Factors to consider – do I retire early or wait:

 # years of accumulating funds

  1. # years for distributing funds
  2. Impact on Social Security
  3. Impact on Potential Pensions


Every retirement income plan has to balance three main goals:


1. Maximize your ability to enjoy retirement

2. Manage the risk of outliving your income

3. Manage the risk of unexpected life events