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Game Day "Left Right Center" New Rules

Left Right Center is a gambling game but for very low stakes.  Anyone who can throw the dice can play this game. 

Bring your $1 bills to the Clubhouse and join in the fun.  We start each game with 3- $1 bills, one for Left, one for Right, one for Center, if you are unlucky enough to roll that on your first throw.  You play until you are out of money, the person on your right is out of money, the person on your left is out of money, the one who has money at the end wins the pot.  This version sounds like so much more FUN to me, watch the dollar bills pile up in the pot, the game moves fast and should you find yourself "out" you can join in another game in the room just starting up.  So bring as many $1 bills as you care to CHANCE, as no skill is required. You will need 3-$1 bills to start any new game.

Sign Up Sheet is in the Clubhouse

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