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Special Speaker: Hello From Heaven

Mark Your Calendars:  October 21 at 2pm – Hello From Heaven:  Consider the Possibilities
by Debi Wells on behalf of Lifestyles

Is there existence after death?    Near-Death-Experiences (NDEs), After-Death-Communications (ADCs) and Out-of-Body-Experiences (OBEs)  answer “Yes” to that questionfor people who’ve experienced these complex phenomena.    Having been resuscitated or ‘return’ from clinical death or being close to death (or thinking you are) and having been out of your body observing it all or meeting up with deceased loved ones, orbelieving your deceased loved one is signaling you (through any myriad of ways), or feeling you have floated out of your body are all unique physiological and/or psychological experiences.  Are they fact or fantasy?  And, are they connected to science or the paranormal?

Join us for a presentation by Donna Hawkins Suwall on Saturday, October 21, at 2:00pm--4:00   pm in the Symphony Village Clubhouse (Concert Hall)  to learn about some of the studies being done in these fields.  This presentation will also examine two of the tenets of Quantum Physics that may help explain how NDEs, OBEs, and ADCs are possible. 

Donna will also talk about the related topic of Synchronicity, a word being used today by many scientists to define ‘meaningful coincidences’ in so many of our lives.  What synchronicities are you experiencing?

About Donna Hawkins Suwall … the information for this presentation is taken from a course Donna wrote fifteen years ago for the college where she was teaching a Grief course.  It came about because of the strange incidents that were happening in those classes that peaked the students’ curiosity and caused them to ask, “What’s going on?”   It was the students’ great interest that prompted Donna to share her ‘paranormal experiences,’ which she now calls ‘the also normal.’ Donna teaches this as a course for colleges and senior living communities; additionally, she conducts workshops, seminars and presentations on these topics.


To attend, please register in the Activities Book in the Wall Street Room.  Tickets are $10/each, payment will be requested in October. Limited seating.  Sign-up soon! 

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