Computer and Home Help/Tips FAQs

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+ Q. Do we have a web site?

Yes, you are on that web site. Our Home Page is

+ Q. How do I navigate the Symphony Village web site?

There are many ways to access and navigate our web site and you are encouraged to explore all the web pages:

  • The menu on the left of every web page
  • The Dashboard or icons of popular spots
  • The Index
  • Links on pages (blue text which you can click on)
  • Your bookmarks of specific pages

+ Q. Do I need a password?

Some pages require a password to protect resident privacy and/or sensitive information. The Home Page and many others do not need a password.

+ Q. Why am I asked for the password after I already save it previously?

We have a different archive web site where some content is posted. This site may ask for account and password the first time you visit it with a new browser. These topics are located on that archive site:

+ Q. What is the username?

There are a few web pages that need a username besides the password. The username is "bassoon".

+ Q. What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a collection of icons for easy access of popular places on our web site. It is a popular way to navigate our web site on mobile devices with touch screens. Just select the icon and you will be taken to that location. Note: you still need a password for some pages.

+ Q. Is there an "instruction book" for our web site?

The closest thing is a document that was previously our FAQs page. You can access it by clicking here. This document covers the electronic communications within Symphony Village. It is somewhat dated but much of the information is still useful.

+ Q. Can I contact the web manager to offer a suggestion?

Yes, you can send a comment or suggestion to the webczar by clicking here.

+ Q. Where can I get information on computers and computer security?

There is a web page devoted to very useful information about computers, password management, and how to make your computer more secure. To access that information click here.

+ Q. Is there any instructions for our resident directory?

There is a directory tutorial that can be accessed by clicking here.

+ Q. Can I search a web page?

The easiest way to search almost any document is "Ctrl f" on a PC or "Command f" on a Mac. This brings up a search box. Any entered keyword or partial word will be highlighted if it is found on that page. Unfortunately it doesn't search through documents on that page.

+ Q. How can I get help with error messages?

If you Google a portion of the error message with quotes around the exact words, you will likely find posts or other information on how to deal with that message. This is a lot cheaper than calling tech support. Some fixes are simple and some others require tech support.

+ Q. Is there any home information relevant to Symphony Village?

There are all kinds of home tips on our Source web page.

+ Q. Where can I find out about events and opportunities near us?

The Source page has many links to other events and organizations near us. This includes Bay Bridge cams to see what the traffic is like before venturing across the Bay Bridge.