The 2019 Resident Irrigation Audit is scheduled for Monday, June 24th starting at 9:00 a.m., weather permitting. Find the scheduled time for your turf zone and bed zone to come on at your lot in the scrollable list below. Unlike previous years, your bed zone will not come on immediately after your turf zone. This is so that the actual irrigation programs will be tested instead of using a special audit program. The sprinklers should come on within 1 minute of the scheduled time and last for 8 minutes. Complete will be driving around to inspect the system operation during the audit. Report any problems that you observe to the HOA office so the problem can be corrected with a work order to Complete. It is extremely helpful to indicate your turf or bed zone when reporting problems to the office as your neighbor on the same zone may have already reported this issue. Hint: if you can’t remember your lot number you can search for your address by using β€œCtrl f”.